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(no subject) [Dec. 28th, 2005|11:59 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |goodtimes - GTA san andreas]

okay..stupid spak attacking laptop!!!

New years eve this year is sooo busy.. with fantasia on.. and my friends party on the water and going to b/point.. woah.. my new years eve starts the moment i wake up. From 10am to 5pm is my friends party on the water.. then shaun, some holden club guys and me are treking it into b/point and then im still deciding or not weather i sould go to fantasia or not.. probably not.

We have alot of fireworks from canberra, goodtimes.
Summernats is going to be awesome. Im set, aliby!

Since my laptop is having a big spak attack im only going to put about 3 puts up or something.

OHOH... i sat on a frog and killed it... ewwww, but its aight it was a cane toad one.. they killed my mates dog :-o

I have big big big big plans.. owww yes.. But i still need 5 thousand out of 38 grand. Sweetness.
I cant believe i have saved that much and i only have 5 grand to go. I was like woahh..

If i see anita.. aka a nit from her mums ass.. im not hesitating to smash her face in.. ill be on the look out 24/7 - i told her to fucking mind her business, but that little fat man didnt, so alas.. me being me.. something must be done. This will be my last request.
Oh and scott, you dont have shit on me to take me to court.. or whatever the fuck you think you're going to do.. cause im one tough little girl.

Ow... at a party 2 days ago, my friends stood up infront of everyone.. said there party speach and then at the end they said.. "and dont you think mandas cute"
I was dancing, and giggling at the same time.. i dont get it.
I dont care if im immature... i like having fun.

Driving, car racing and having fun = manda.

OH OH... nice flying cars.. haha..
stupid emos deleted all my memory card for san andreas... and i was so close to completing it.

Now time for some pictures..
sorry for the bigness!! :(

petch and me

my sister.. petchy


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(no subject) [Dec. 20th, 2005|10:17 am]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |funeral for a friend]

Okay so im bored, watching my sister play GTA..


Anyway, thomas bought me a tv for christmas, as some of you already may be aware of.

I found some more pictures, in which i was unaware of them being taken.

Thomas should be coming over here at 2, and we are treking it to parramatta.

We went there yesterday. Heartland holden staff are weird, thats all i have to say.

But yeah.... that ghey song with ahh... umm... that girl.. gwen stttephani.. and pharelle.. whatever they're names are... they stole of back up track from Notorious B.I.G - big papa.

"i love it when you call me big papa, throw your hands in tha air if yous a true player!"

I've been so shifty lately... im throwing a party with dave this friday. Its going to be a little big gathering.. only 30 people or so.

Ill give you those pics i found now::

.:: PICTURES ::.Collapse )

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(no subject) [Dec. 17th, 2005|05:07 pm]
[mood |hyperhyper]
[music |knocking heads off - lil jon]

I had nothing to do last night....

so i remember that mike had invited me to his house. I was like sure, i have nothing better to do.

So off i went and caught a bus to burken head.

Got i there and we took the ute to top drs..... macca's. It was so shit. We got out of the car and there were really gross greasy lebs hanging there with there fully shit fords with stupid cannon exhausts. They degrading themselves... so anyway, i was walking and they started saying stuff like fords are better, come bend over and look into mine, take off your top......
So gross, i got over that pretty quick.

We then walked down to the video store and rented House of Wax.. it was an okay movie.

It became 1am quick cause we started drinking and talking.

So sum it all up, i slept in mikes room.... on the floor.... dahhhh.

Then at 9:30 we walked down the the car places, then back up to dunlop tyres... dropped mike off at work and i caught a bus home.

But yeah... a got home at 11 and cooked a pizza... rang mum and she was out. Then i passed out on the lounge until 4.. and its now 5.

Im bored... and im meant to go to penrith macca's tonight with some holden workers.... no one that scott knows... cause scotts ghey.

Oh yeah and on friday night i couldnt remember anything after 7pm... and tom and douglas followed me with a video camera. All i remember is crying on the way home and i was promising to never drink and drive cause i tried to look out the window and nearly fell out. The other reason i was crying was probably cause scott introduced me to drinking and everything i have become now... and i just want to thank him and he fucked me off.... anyway, most of the holdens in ryde got egged... i was fully unhappy. Shaun had a really big cry.

Im so god damn bored.

Kirsty i have to tell you something sooooo funny.

I better be off.... places to go people to see.

YAY penrith... apparently there is going to be a big fight, im scared. Oh well.
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didnt spell/grammar check [Dec. 12th, 2005|09:09 am]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |knocking heads off - lil jon]

Yesterday was very eventful.

Christmas carols at your hoods park.

Every year ours is getting bigger and bigger and its the best one i've been to so far..

So yesterday in the morning i spent over 300 dollars on thomas for his christmas present. Shit. I bought him 2 polo r. lauren tops, 1 industry top, the complete box set of final fantasy ($120), some wrist band thing that he wanted and a couple of cds... and right now im about to drive myself with brett bre to dfo to get another polo shirt and some more neons. Fully sik bro!!

Oh my dad was so funny... yesterday there was that 'gang' lebbo bashing at cornulla... not sure if it went ahead but my dad was saying how him and i should go down there. He was really serious.. i was like woaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttt. Anyway.. we were half way to penrith (oh we didnt go).. anyway we were hald way to penrith and about 20 fully sik wog cars bro went the other way... and about 5 mins down the road from that there about 2 cop cars... i was like please... oh please just speed up and defect all of them.

That reminds me of something yesterday.
Tom and i were driving home and that carols thing was on... so many police. Anyway, driving, police.. we came behnd a ss commy and i was like thats a undercover cop car and tom, yet again had to say it wasnt. So about 2 hours later i was sitting there... cause we had walked up. So were sitting there and the same car pulled up... no it kinda slowed down. There were all these stupid lebbos on the road 'play fighting' with eachother and the ss commy started up its little bling bling lights... i started pissing myself.... Tom then realised he was wrong and shut his pie whole!

Oh and just before the fireworks went off i threw my can to the left of me... and it accidently hit this bogan lady. She turned about and started to have a go at me saying stuff like "you should be embarrassed" "pick that can up"... cant remember the rest was inside my head i was singing. When tom heard her say i should be embarrassed he shouted out.. "i'd be embarrassed to be your son"... i looked at him and i stopped singing cause i thought bogan lady wasnt going to get up... It was so funny...
Cause when i threw it was like.. *throws can*... *looks to some random tree*..... it was so obvious... cause i mean, who stares at trees at 9:30 at night in the dark. I laughed anyway.

We started walking home.. sarah nearly crashed... so many people this year.. so yeah we got inside and thomas was standing under the mistle toe... and my dog walked past and i laughed.. so he stupidly made the comment of "common pinky"...
and 5 minutes later i wanted a hug so he ran under the mistle toe and gave me a hug and kissed my forehead, so cute.

Oh and my mum earlier that morning dyed my dogs hair pink... like light pink on her body.. and hot pink on her tail and ears.. god shes a weird mum.

When tom was about to leave at 11:30 cause he had to get up at 5, i got a call from matt, i think they were drunk and he said he wanted to raid my kitchen. So i was like sure why not, everyone is drunk off there block anyway.
So they came over and we talked about matts car accident and how if the ambulance didnt come in another 5 minutes he'd be dead. They stayed till about 2am. I went to bed to wake up at 6... i didnt think i would wake up that early but meh.

Oh and in all of this post i forgot to mention that im having a big party next august 19th... around 300 people are going, invite only. I may invite scott... not too sure but its my party i can do whatever i like... and its my money, coming out of my petrol money and my car money.
Its so ghey cause out of 20 friends 15 have there licences, and im still 16... OMG how fucking young is that.

Shaun and i had a fight.

Oh and is anyone going to queensland raceway the v8 supercars?

I shotgun the little hut i had last year kenny.....! you know the one with no roof!
All i remember is some old bathurst classic coming towards me.. then i turned away. OMG those stupid bumps.

And the carerra cup next year is going to be awesome. I love alan.... shaun picked up on that. I random said while watching it about 3 weeks ago that i loved alan and he had no clue. He looked really sad. I laughed and said that he was my escort boy... laughed again and pointed at a picture on the tv...

Anyway im going to get ready to head off to penrith or something near there.

I have fucking training tonight, so ghey.

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cars, cars, cars and guys... no spell/grammar check [Dec. 5th, 2005|07:54 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |salt shaker]

right now my msn is fucking up. it keeps signing in and out.. being its own little head fuck.

So anyway.. donna got her new rodeo... its so hot... better than matts.. its funny.

At work matt gets paided out cause his girlfriend (donna) has the same ute but better. Makes me laugh, like right now.

Tom is being a little shit. So im refusing to see him... but hes making me talk to him and see him tomorrow. Im angry.

Got into another fight just before my competition yesterday, being sunday that is. Hurt myself pretty bad but nothing too major.

I came first in all devisions, i was surprised cause my leg and arm were pretty messed up.

James admitted to having very strong feelings for me... he just wont stop now. He comes over in the ute excepting to take me out for dinner and shit... now, i know.. very romantic.. but i dont know. Its james. I kinda suspected something at first about a week ago... cause i know 5 years ago our bmx crew split and him and i had a massive fight.. and then he told me he only fought with me to hide his feelings and when he said i was ugly he didnt mean it and that he has always loved me and always thought i was hot..
kinda strange dont ya think.
But yeah.. and then just before he came on msn said "hey my hottie" and just wouldnt stop.
Then i went to go see matts knew ute and he messaged me.
Wow... this is kinda getting boring... sounds like im talking to myself too.

Im actually happy... for once.. i havent been happy by myself in about 3 months.
Yesterday chris gave me pictures he found that i threw at him of scott.
I started to go through them, i cried... saying that i miss him. Chris hit me and told me to pull myself together and realise that my life is better without him.

And it is.

Without scott i have put my life back on track and i know what i want to do for the next 6 to 7 years.
And as i said.. scott if you're reading this... dont be surprised if you see me alot.


I want a hilux.... laylow..... helen.. said i could have hers for 10 grand... but its worth about 23...
i was like omg.

But im still half way to getting my deo.. and theres not point stopping now for a toyota.

Went out for dinner last night.. shaun came back from schoolies... the boy i have a crush on. OMG he has started to customise his vx commo.

CHRIS is so fucking hot..... kirsty.. if you saw him you would want him.
OMG OMG OMfuckingG... james, chris and i are bum chums. Chris and i went in his ute, and james went in his. Before chris got to my house james was telling me to say shit to chris like i wanna suck you dry and shit like that. So we were on the motorway and random i just came out with "chris..(saying it very innocently" he said yes.. then i go "i want to fuck you to hard and fast.. (can repeat last comments)" and he started  coughing... i laughed so hard, when we stopped the car and got out james said that he saw the car swurve.... but i didnt fell it or see it so meh.

Anyway... my life is just cars now.. its pathetic.. even in school. I drew a nice rodeo extra cab today.. white with pink flames.. the one i want..... *melts*

Sorry that my entry was all about cars, cars, cars and guys... but it makes me happy and if im not happy no one is.

Oh and scotts friends egged my house.. they're going to get whats coming to them and so is scott.

Oh i rode tripped with my cousin... but only to gosford.. i drove. Hes a champ.. we played nigga nigga musik all the way, i sped.. L's are only meant to go 80.. i was going 110... i feel really guilty... sorry mr police man. No really, im not just saying it. My conscience is really bad.

Cant spell

Drinking beam since 4pm.... its now almost 8.

i have only had 3 though, so im fine... drinking very slowly... 

At matts i had a beer though, nice.

Anyway... im going... im a little hungry didnt eat lunch, didnt really have breakfast either..


Ill put pictures of my comp next entry...

there blurry cause i was moving fast so... sorry if they're shithouse..!!!!

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(no subject) [Dec. 1st, 2005|10:53 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |step yo game up - snoop dog, lil jon, trina]

Its really sad to see that my sisters relationships with vinnie is going down the same path just before scott and i split.

Its bad enough seeing scott all the time.. but vinnie now goes to our school.

Thomas just left, he makes me smile.. i drove everyone home today.

Owww im so shifty and she wont even know where it came from!

I have a massive big big comp on sunday, taking me into the next level for skating.. hopefully qualifying for worlds.

Im so tired.. its nearly 11pm. Oh well, my pills should be kicking in any time now.

I am organising a cruise down to summernats.. its going to be so exciting! Im so fucking geed for it.

When i was driving at like 9, i dont know how, or what he did.. but my friend saw me, beep his fucking horn, scared the shit out of me cause we were in the middle of no where in penrith. I am going to smash his face in tomorrow.

I have currently saved up $3000... i need a whole lot more.. it'd be easier if i had a full time job, but alas i dont.

Ahhh.. im so fucking geed right now, so happy

ALSO.. must read.

I like thomas... alot
but i have grown fond of shaun.
and im scared that if something happens that hes not crank up to what i was expecting. Like, it took me a while to fall head over fucking heels for scott.. so maybe if i gave it time i would fall for shaun alot more.. i mean, im such a little like girl. I cant stop thinking about him, and whats hes doing, and where he is, and who hes with.. fuck!

My spelling is so fucked.... maybe i really should go to bed..

i swore alot in this update...


Ill try and post pictures of me.. recently with the utes and shows i've been too... but my sister now does photography for school.. and "needs" as she claims.. my memory stick, so when i get the stick back.. woah none of amanda's photos are on there.. damn.

Ill get them, summernats and the cancer fundraiser at oran park should be good... if im not that maggot to remember to camera.

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(no subject) [Nov. 26th, 2005|11:48 am]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |daz dillinger - lookin' 4 dat gangsta bitch]

Okay ute show today... im staying home to watch the utes here.

We got some of the boys representing the mini truckers.. from zero altitude, its all good. Shane and i both organised it... and now neither of us are going! How funny, well even though you're not laughing i am.

Scott 'apparently' wants to get a restraining order thingy againist me. Gezz... the only reason i would go into holden now is to get parts for the ssz and the rodeo.. maybe to commo.

Oh well.. im happy, im about to go to holden.. but not scotts.

I love my uter friends..

Its funny, cause when fuckface broke up with me my friend MADE me hang out with them so i could stop being sad. And they're all into utes, zero altitude, mini trucks and customs.. most of them are from subsided and zero altitude.. and i never really got into the whole ute thing, even when scott did have a ute.. So yeah, now im full into the ute/mini trucks and customs scene. Its awesome. im still majorly into racing. and hopefully ill get getting my hq pretty soon next april. Only 5 months to go till i get my licence!!! BOOYAH!
And no, im fucking not a taxi driver, even if i say its my friends duty to drive me around every where :p

Im playing my ipod over the sound system here.. its great.

I went to toms yesterday, party down. Everyone wasn't drunk for once.
Abbey fell off the bed though. I slept with tom.. again. STUPID, stupid idea.I shouldnt get myself into these situations. Hes my best friend for fucks sake.

Summernats is coming up, and im going to be on blokesworld this time, i missed it last night. Ant was on it, stupid tom making me miss it.

Is anyone at phillip island today?

Oh Oh...
shauns coming back from schoolies soon, im very excited! We have another project car. His vx.... not too special but not too shabby either.
I think im going to get ally's vn, seeing as shes thinking of selling it... but thats cause she looks at it like a car that goes broom brooom... when i look at it i see a fucking beast show car. And after i went ape shit at her for wanting to get a cannon exhaust.. i think it scared her from doing anything to it.

I applied for 2 new jobs. I cant tell.. just incase scott reads this.. and if you are reading this fucker, just so you know ill be seeing you next year alot. And when i say alot.. i meant atleast once a week... and you really have to get a life and stop being so immature and getting girls to ring me, girls that you used to hate infact. Its just stupid. And saying you're going to place a restraining order againist me.. hey, i dont even go near you as it is.. and the only reason mark spoke to you was cause i was to fucking scared and i needed to know some parts. SO FUCK THE HELL OFF AND JUST DIE.

The end..

p.s... i didnt spell or grammar check this entry..
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(no subject) [Nov. 21st, 2005|09:53 am]
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]
[music |white meat - lil jon]

Okay so this weekend is going to be busy.

Saturday is phillip island and the ute show.
and sunday is the V8utes.. very big. We are having a big bbq with about 20 of my mates.
I cant wait.

Then not this weekend but the weekend after (2nd, 3rd and 4th of december) tom and i are going camping and road tripping.

We are meeting up with the ute club.


Also scott... if your reading this... please keep in your suburb and ill keep in mine... cause i dont want the shit stains of society coming in my burb!

OMFG my aunt got the new cv8z and the ssz in silver... i had a big cry.. then she told me i could have the ssz when i was old enough and handed me the keys then and there.. i was like ahhhhhhh *dies*

I road tripped with my cousin... he just got off his green p's.
It was so awesome, i love his car. Oh yeah, i drove!

I got a cruise coming up, i think wednesday.. but alas i must go to dinner with the family before hand.

And still, yet again... all my friends shit all over scotts head and scott loser friends, that cant party for shit :p

Oh yeah, i got into a big fight while running this morning. Some stupid bitch stole something of mine ages ago, i saw her while i was running and i started a little argument.. she kicked me with her stupid fat running shoes and i threw a punch here and there...
and i forgot to mention ages ago that im being sent to anger management, cause after scott faggot broke my heart i became very very angry.

Oh and right now im histerical... so if i sound shifty its cause im in a rush for no reason.


and i also have a major crush on james courtney... fuck man...
i dont like fords.. but i dont care.. hes so dreamy *puts hands together on heart and sighs*

The end.. XoxoxoxoxoxoX

yet again ::> Pictures..Collapse )

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(no subject) [Nov. 19th, 2005|09:34 am]
[mood |creative]
[music |lookin' for dat gangsta bitch - daz dillinger]

Okay seeing as i dont update on here much, or as often as i'd like i thought it'd be interesting to tell you my night.

Yesterday petch and tom waited for me in the movie rooms at school while i finshed class. At the end of class i had to wait another 30 minutes for their movie to finish, complete waste of time and energy. On the bus i told tom not to speak to no, as a joke. He took it seriously and didnt speak to me. While walkinh home (petch and tom walked in front).. they went into our street as i was about to cross the road into my street i looked up and saw my ex ghey boyfriend scott there in my ute (fuckcudhdkshdskj), he saw me and riped a massive burnout in front of my face. Now i dont normally get angry at burnouts.. it was only the fact that it was my car, i had bought him and that i knew he only did burnouts when he was in a rush or angry at me.
I got home and pluged my ipod into the stero system down stair, i told tom to fuck off cause he didnt like my music. So he fucked off.
Later petch went to vinnies and i said sorry to tom. Then we decided to go to the drive-in movies at blacktown.
Now i have been there before many times... but i get confused with holden and drive-in. So we went to blacktown... no wait, gotta add something.. we were driving and these fully sik wogs bro came and pulled up next to us on the motorway, we looked at them, laughed, turned up our nigga nigga music and drove really fast away.. the end.
But yeah got to blacktown and magically ended up at one of the co-workers at holden.. i was like.. wtf??
So after driving around, stopping at mcdonalds and then driving for an hour again we got there. Watched saw 2 and the devils rejects. A ute pulled up beside us, i couldnt see them but they could see us... i know this cause they wound down the window and started waving.. i was who the fuck is that.. so i got outta the car in the interval and went to see.. like a big gal, all by my little lownsome self. It was one of my cousins mates.. that has magically (i love that word) anyway.. magically become hot in the 3 years i havent seen him. He told me he was with his mates on a cruise. Fuck, im now in love with him. One because hes become superhot and two because he has a fucking s series II ute.. on his p's!
But yeah, we left half way through the devils rejects cause it got a bit boring.. so we were crusing in parramatta and another fully sick bro wog car pulled and and his number plate was tricky.. well we started yelling stuff between each other, tom and i. And we didnt really notice the window was open in fully tricksters car.. so he heard us, riped a massive ghey skid.. not burnout.. up the road. Like a dickhead.
Im rumbling...
blah blah..
I got work soon
stupid ghey work.

Ill post old pictures now.

Pictures...Collapse )
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(no subject) [Nov. 8th, 2005|08:32 am]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |daz dillinger - lookin' 4 dat gangsta bitch]

Well this is my first update ever.

Im not going to make this journal friends only cause im way too lazy.

Just a little about myslef-
My names Manda.
I used to go to Marist Sisters' College Woolwich.. got 'asked' to leave, now i go to the drop out school- Bradfield College.
I have one twin sister, who annoys the shit out of me.
I recently got a new boyfriend. After my ex, scottdog, dumped me after 2 years for nothing.. his excuse was "i dont want to hurt you anymore".. any lamer and i would have suspected an affair going on. But alas i checked it all out, nothing was going on.
I absolutely love holdens, my rooms is packed full of merch (bed, chair, clothes, curtains, wall, posters, socks, whatever).
But even though i beg and beg for a hq holden.. my parents bought me a merc. Now im not saying im a spoilt little brat.. but it would have been far more cheaper just to buy me my holden. So i had the biggest rant ever.. and after i got over my little rant i started to drive the darn thing. Okay its heaps different to a holden, the steering is weird. And previously i have only ever driven holdens.
Right now im sitting her naked with only a towl cause my mother wont get out of the shower.. i'd be funny if she passed out.. wait actually come to think of it.. i wouldnt be to happy and neither would my family. You probably didnt even wanna know that information about me sitting here naked with only a towel. Shit i said it twice... hahaha, *cough* my bad *cough*

So anyway i have a greatestjournal.. my name on there is: x_random_emo_x
Im not emo, it was to piss off my ex. He hates those words and all that 'core' shit.
So yeah.

Heres some pictures.

Pictures...Collapse )

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