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cars, cars, cars and guys... no spell/grammar check [Dec. 5th, 2005|07:54 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |salt shaker]

right now my msn is fucking up. it keeps signing in and out.. being its own little head fuck.

So anyway.. donna got her new rodeo... its so hot... better than matts.. its funny.

At work matt gets paided out cause his girlfriend (donna) has the same ute but better. Makes me laugh, like right now.

Tom is being a little shit. So im refusing to see him... but hes making me talk to him and see him tomorrow. Im angry.

Got into another fight just before my competition yesterday, being sunday that is. Hurt myself pretty bad but nothing too major.

I came first in all devisions, i was surprised cause my leg and arm were pretty messed up.

James admitted to having very strong feelings for me... he just wont stop now. He comes over in the ute excepting to take me out for dinner and shit... now, i know.. very romantic.. but i dont know. Its james. I kinda suspected something at first about a week ago... cause i know 5 years ago our bmx crew split and him and i had a massive fight.. and then he told me he only fought with me to hide his feelings and when he said i was ugly he didnt mean it and that he has always loved me and always thought i was hot..
kinda strange dont ya think.
But yeah.. and then just before he came on msn said "hey my hottie" and just wouldnt stop.
Then i went to go see matts knew ute and he messaged me.
Wow... this is kinda getting boring... sounds like im talking to myself too.

Im actually happy... for once.. i havent been happy by myself in about 3 months.
Yesterday chris gave me pictures he found that i threw at him of scott.
I started to go through them, i cried... saying that i miss him. Chris hit me and told me to pull myself together and realise that my life is better without him.

And it is.

Without scott i have put my life back on track and i know what i want to do for the next 6 to 7 years.
And as i said.. scott if you're reading this... dont be surprised if you see me alot.


I want a hilux.... laylow..... helen.. said i could have hers for 10 grand... but its worth about 23...
i was like omg.

But im still half way to getting my deo.. and theres not point stopping now for a toyota.

Went out for dinner last night.. shaun came back from schoolies... the boy i have a crush on. OMG he has started to customise his vx commo.

CHRIS is so fucking hot..... kirsty.. if you saw him you would want him.
OMG OMG OMfuckingG... james, chris and i are bum chums. Chris and i went in his ute, and james went in his. Before chris got to my house james was telling me to say shit to chris like i wanna suck you dry and shit like that. So we were on the motorway and random i just came out with "chris..(saying it very innocently" he said yes.. then i go "i want to fuck you to hard and fast.. (can repeat last comments)" and he started  coughing... i laughed so hard, when we stopped the car and got out james said that he saw the car swurve.... but i didnt fell it or see it so meh.

Anyway... my life is just cars now.. its pathetic.. even in school. I drew a nice rodeo extra cab today.. white with pink flames.. the one i want..... *melts*

Sorry that my entry was all about cars, cars, cars and guys... but it makes me happy and if im not happy no one is.

Oh and scotts friends egged my house.. they're going to get whats coming to them and so is scott.

Oh i rode tripped with my cousin... but only to gosford.. i drove. Hes a champ.. we played nigga nigga musik all the way, i sped.. L's are only meant to go 80.. i was going 110... i feel really guilty... sorry mr police man. No really, im not just saying it. My conscience is really bad.

Cant spell

Drinking beam since 4pm.... its now almost 8.

i have only had 3 though, so im fine... drinking very slowly... 

At matts i had a beer though, nice.

Anyway... im going... im a little hungry didnt eat lunch, didnt really have breakfast either..


Ill put pictures of my comp next entry...

there blurry cause i was moving fast so... sorry if they're shithouse..!!!!


[User Picture]From: dexterian
2005-12-05 09:29 am (UTC)
Is Tom your boyfriend?

MSN seems to be doing that with quite a few people actually, so you're not the only one that's having those issues :)

Hope that makes you feel slightly better hehe.
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[User Picture]From: hsv_maloo
2005-12-11 10:13 pm (UTC)
no hes not my boyfriends... best best friend.

I just wish msn would get over its spak attack
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