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Well this is my first update ever. Im not going to make this… - Manda [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 8th, 2005|08:32 am]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |daz dillinger - lookin' 4 dat gangsta bitch]

Well this is my first update ever.

Im not going to make this journal friends only cause im way too lazy.

Just a little about myslef-
My names Manda.
I used to go to Marist Sisters' College Woolwich.. got 'asked' to leave, now i go to the drop out school- Bradfield College.
I have one twin sister, who annoys the shit out of me.
I recently got a new boyfriend. After my ex, scottdog, dumped me after 2 years for nothing.. his excuse was "i dont want to hurt you anymore".. any lamer and i would have suspected an affair going on. But alas i checked it all out, nothing was going on.
I absolutely love holdens, my rooms is packed full of merch (bed, chair, clothes, curtains, wall, posters, socks, whatever).
But even though i beg and beg for a hq holden.. my parents bought me a merc. Now im not saying im a spoilt little brat.. but it would have been far more cheaper just to buy me my holden. So i had the biggest rant ever.. and after i got over my little rant i started to drive the darn thing. Okay its heaps different to a holden, the steering is weird. And previously i have only ever driven holdens.
Right now im sitting her naked with only a towl cause my mother wont get out of the shower.. i'd be funny if she passed out.. wait actually come to think of it.. i wouldnt be to happy and neither would my family. You probably didnt even wanna know that information about me sitting here naked with only a towel. Shit i said it twice... hahaha, *cough* my bad *cough*

So anyway i have a greatestjournal.. my name on there is: x_random_emo_x
Im not emo, it was to piss off my ex. He hates those words and all that 'core' shit.
So yeah.

Heres some pictures.


Petch and I on the plane home (bathurst weekend, im on the left)

Petch and i again.. im on the right. Hamilton island.

Me watch rpm. (bathurst weekend)

Petch left, me right - need i say more?

Petch, mum and me. Not the best picture in the world but meh, still funny

Im lookin' for dat gangsta bitch, a gangsta!

again not the best picture.. but meh

i shot a golf ball

and yes before you say it.. i do have clothes on

omg lyk so fat... im not one of those chicks that think there fat (dont care)


old me

This is the small ugly version on this picture

old picture.. from old gj journal.. back in the pole dancing days ;)


Im NOT emo!

This is thomas and me.. he is outside right now, and im naked.. GREAT!

Thomas and petch THE END


[User Picture]From: dexterian
2005-11-15 08:52 am (UTC)
Haha, intersting photos. The country road look looks great =P
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[User Picture]From: fluffi_duck
2005-11-17 07:51 am (UTC)
hey i found you on the v8 supercar forums so i added you.... my name is lisa i love hrt, hsvdt and 888.... so i thought i'd say hi and your very pretty by the way
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[User Picture]From: hsv_maloo
2005-11-18 10:32 pm (UTC)
im not pretty, your probably a model or something.

and hi right back at ya!
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