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Okay seeing as i dont update on here much, or as often as i'd like i… - Manda [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 19th, 2005|09:34 am]
[mood |creative]
[music |lookin' for dat gangsta bitch - daz dillinger]

Okay seeing as i dont update on here much, or as often as i'd like i thought it'd be interesting to tell you my night.

Yesterday petch and tom waited for me in the movie rooms at school while i finshed class. At the end of class i had to wait another 30 minutes for their movie to finish, complete waste of time and energy. On the bus i told tom not to speak to no, as a joke. He took it seriously and didnt speak to me. While walkinh home (petch and tom walked in front).. they went into our street as i was about to cross the road into my street i looked up and saw my ex ghey boyfriend scott there in my ute (fuckcudhdkshdskj), he saw me and riped a massive burnout in front of my face. Now i dont normally get angry at burnouts.. it was only the fact that it was my car, i had bought him and that i knew he only did burnouts when he was in a rush or angry at me.
I got home and pluged my ipod into the stero system down stair, i told tom to fuck off cause he didnt like my music. So he fucked off.
Later petch went to vinnies and i said sorry to tom. Then we decided to go to the drive-in movies at blacktown.
Now i have been there before many times... but i get confused with holden and drive-in. So we went to blacktown... no wait, gotta add something.. we were driving and these fully sik wogs bro came and pulled up next to us on the motorway, we looked at them, laughed, turned up our nigga nigga music and drove really fast away.. the end.
But yeah got to blacktown and magically ended up at one of the co-workers at holden.. i was like.. wtf??
So after driving around, stopping at mcdonalds and then driving for an hour again we got there. Watched saw 2 and the devils rejects. A ute pulled up beside us, i couldnt see them but they could see us... i know this cause they wound down the window and started waving.. i was who the fuck is that.. so i got outta the car in the interval and went to see.. like a big gal, all by my little lownsome self. It was one of my cousins mates.. that has magically (i love that word) anyway.. magically become hot in the 3 years i havent seen him. He told me he was with his mates on a cruise. Fuck, im now in love with him. One because hes become superhot and two because he has a fucking s series II ute.. on his p's!
But yeah, we left half way through the devils rejects cause it got a bit boring.. so we were crusing in parramatta and another fully sick bro wog car pulled and and his number plate was tricky.. well we started yelling stuff between each other, tom and i. And we didnt really notice the window was open in fully tricksters car.. so he heard us, riped a massive ghey skid.. not burnout.. up the road. Like a dickhead.
Im rumbling...
blah blah..
I got work soon
stupid ghey work.

Ill post old pictures now.

KIZZA!! and im in the pink in the back.. you can kinda see scott in the red.. right hand side.

This is a stupid old old photo of me

Fat me and holden stupid asshole fucking retarded penis for a brain fuckwit

Top: Nicky
Left to right on couch: Me, fuckwit scott loser holden peice of shit, petra, daniel and james.

nicky kissing my cheek

Dont mind me..

hahahaha well well well isnt it just the one that wanted to be a pornstar.. shes so ugly!!

Yes i have a swimming costum on.. but look at the retarded looking face im pulling

Jesuscore.. lol

Webcam!! Webcam!! Webcam!!


[User Picture]From: dexterian
2005-11-19 02:24 pm (UTC)
Is it you like to take pictures of yourself or do you just get really really really bored? :P

Nice photos though.

Work on the weekend? Damn that's got to suck. I know I hated it, ruined my weekends, especially when I had to work at 6am on Sundays meaning I needed to be up at 4.30am
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[User Picture]From: hsv_maloo
2005-11-20 06:20 am (UTC)
i get really really really bored.

yes working sucks.. but we have a nice crew, so its all good.

I used to get at 4:30am everyday! It sucks.
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[User Picture]From: dexterian
2005-11-21 06:43 am (UTC)
Ouch, 4.30am everyday? I'd die!
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