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Okay ute show today... im staying home to watch the utes here. We… - Manda [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 26th, 2005|11:48 am]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |daz dillinger - lookin' 4 dat gangsta bitch]

Okay ute show today... im staying home to watch the utes here.

We got some of the boys representing the mini truckers.. from zero altitude, its all good. Shane and i both organised it... and now neither of us are going! How funny, well even though you're not laughing i am.

Scott 'apparently' wants to get a restraining order thingy againist me. Gezz... the only reason i would go into holden now is to get parts for the ssz and the rodeo.. maybe to commo.

Oh well.. im happy, im about to go to holden.. but not scotts.

I love my uter friends..

Its funny, cause when fuckface broke up with me my friend MADE me hang out with them so i could stop being sad. And they're all into utes, zero altitude, mini trucks and customs.. most of them are from subsided and zero altitude.. and i never really got into the whole ute thing, even when scott did have a ute.. So yeah, now im full into the ute/mini trucks and customs scene. Its awesome. im still majorly into racing. and hopefully ill get getting my hq pretty soon next april. Only 5 months to go till i get my licence!!! BOOYAH!
And no, im fucking not a taxi driver, even if i say its my friends duty to drive me around every where :p

Im playing my ipod over the sound system here.. its great.

I went to toms yesterday, party down. Everyone wasn't drunk for once.
Abbey fell off the bed though. I slept with tom.. again. STUPID, stupid idea.I shouldnt get myself into these situations. Hes my best friend for fucks sake.

Summernats is coming up, and im going to be on blokesworld this time, i missed it last night. Ant was on it, stupid tom making me miss it.

Is anyone at phillip island today?

Oh Oh...
shauns coming back from schoolies soon, im very excited! We have another project car. His vx.... not too special but not too shabby either.
I think im going to get ally's vn, seeing as shes thinking of selling it... but thats cause she looks at it like a car that goes broom brooom... when i look at it i see a fucking beast show car. And after i went ape shit at her for wanting to get a cannon exhaust.. i think it scared her from doing anything to it.

I applied for 2 new jobs. I cant tell.. just incase scott reads this.. and if you are reading this fucker, just so you know ill be seeing you next year alot. And when i say alot.. i meant atleast once a week... and you really have to get a life and stop being so immature and getting girls to ring me, girls that you used to hate infact. Its just stupid. And saying you're going to place a restraining order againist me.. hey, i dont even go near you as it is.. and the only reason mark spoke to you was cause i was to fucking scared and i needed to know some parts. SO FUCK THE HELL OFF AND JUST DIE.

The end..

p.s... i didnt spell or grammar check this entry..