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Okay so this weekend is going to be busy. Saturday is phillip… - Manda [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 21st, 2005|09:53 am]
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]
[music |white meat - lil jon]

Okay so this weekend is going to be busy.

Saturday is phillip island and the ute show.
and sunday is the V8utes.. very big. We are having a big bbq with about 20 of my mates.
I cant wait.

Then not this weekend but the weekend after (2nd, 3rd and 4th of december) tom and i are going camping and road tripping.

We are meeting up with the ute club.


Also scott... if your reading this... please keep in your suburb and ill keep in mine... cause i dont want the shit stains of society coming in my burb!

OMFG my aunt got the new cv8z and the ssz in silver... i had a big cry.. then she told me i could have the ssz when i was old enough and handed me the keys then and there.. i was like ahhhhhhh *dies*

I road tripped with my cousin... he just got off his green p's.
It was so awesome, i love his car. Oh yeah, i drove!

I got a cruise coming up, i think wednesday.. but alas i must go to dinner with the family before hand.

And still, yet again... all my friends shit all over scotts head and scott loser friends, that cant party for shit :p

Oh yeah, i got into a big fight while running this morning. Some stupid bitch stole something of mine ages ago, i saw her while i was running and i started a little argument.. she kicked me with her stupid fat running shoes and i threw a punch here and there...
and i forgot to mention ages ago that im being sent to anger management, cause after scott faggot broke my heart i became very very angry.

Oh and right now im histerical... so if i sound shifty its cause im in a rush for no reason.


and i also have a major crush on james courtney... fuck man...
i dont like fords.. but i dont care.. hes so dreamy *puts hands together on heart and sighs*

The end.. XoxoxoxoxoxoX

lucy has cancer and only one leg.

Lets pray for her, for she dont care too much!

This looks funny, i laugh

jess, jess's hand.. and me, the chimer


She dont like photos much either,

but me, i love 'em

Wow... my hair is almost blonde, dont worry i have brown hair ... i think

carla and ryan

and now for lame webcam pictures!

yes i think its fun.. and yes i am bored.. 24/7 unless im camping, car racing or driving




[User Picture]From: dexterian
2005-11-21 06:42 am (UTC)
Hehe, this entry made me laugh, the way you say some things.

Again, you really do like pictures of yourself don't you? :P
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